A Little About Me

Social Media
I’m on Twitter, Linked In and Google +. I have a Pinterest account because, obviously, we are all supposed to. I am also on Quora. If that wasn’t enough, here is an About.me. I have also been a martial arts practitioner for a very long time, a Masters Hall of Fame inductee. I also write in my spare time, but don’t be alarmed, it’s going nowhere.

I was formally:

  • The president of a genre film production company
  • A consultant for Asian film companies
  • A celebrity bodyguard
  • A bouncer in several bars across the country
  • Kickboxing trainer for a world champion
  • The World’s Most Dangerous Receptionist

I am also a lifetime martial artist and a member of The Masters Hall of Fame. I am the creator of Fight Proof™ Applied Martial Arts. I do seminars, mostly for use of force professtionals.

I was also told I look like Brad Pitt from behind by a very drunk lady with questionable teeth.

Entertainment Bio

Martial Arts Bio