The Valley Of The Sith Lords


Twitter just gave the bird to startups, and I am not talking about their logo.

By now, you have probably heard that Twitter is going to cut off third-party access to its firehose of data. DataSift, one of several startups that rely on this access for their business, are now scrambling to reassure customers that their product is going to continue to work. “Blindsided” is how DataSift’s CEO Nick Halstead described his reaction.

Twitter, of course, has a right to shut off access to its platform at any time – they do own it after all. But it was definitely a Dick (Costolo) move.

Startups developed their products on top of Twitter’s platform after being aggressively courted by the company in recent years as a solution to the social network’s continuing profitability and growth problems. The idea was that while Twitter would control its end-user clients, startups were…

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Author: E. Thompson

I make movies. Sometimes people see them. I have been a martial artist for a very long time. I'm in a personal war with the Oxford comma.

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