Hunter S. Thompson’s Daily Drug And Booze Intake


Johnny Depp, Vincent Gallo, and Hunter Thompson in 1996 (my God, what an incredible photo).

Anyone who reads this site probably knows that I’m a huge Hunter S. Thompson fan, though I’ve always been more a fan of him as a writer than as a character. Incidentally, I finally watched Where The Buffalo Roam (link to Ebert’s review) on Netflix the other day, the 1980 movie starring Bill Murray “based on the twisted legend of Hunter S. Thompson.” Holy shit what a fermented steaming abortion that thing is. It’s a case study in how to make a film much, much worse than the sum of its parts. Netflix had it in the “cult classic” section, and if that movie has a cult following, that’s a cult I’d like to avoid. It’s no wonder it took another 18 years to get the (far superior) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas movie made.

In any case, E. Jean Carroll, who’s a bit of a character herself…

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Author: E. Thompson

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